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Eberhard Dodt Memorial Award
For the outstanding young presenter at the ISCEV Annual Symposium
An award, in the value of €3,000, commemorates the life and work of Eberhard Dodt, in
particular his help and encouragement, over many years, of young scientists working in the
field of clinical electrophysiology of vision.
It is awarded to the young scientist who, in the opinion of the Adjudication Panel, makes the
best presentation at the Annual Symposium of the International Society for Clinical
Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV).
The award comprises a travel fellowship of €1,500, to be used for attendance at one of the
next three ISCEV symposia, plus an honorarium of €1,500 to be used at the discretion of the
recipient for the furtherance of the recipient’s work in the field.
A ‘young scientist’ is defined as one who is under 36 years of age at midnight on the closing
date for receipt of abstracts for the symposium.
The prospective awardee must be first author of the presentation under consideration and
must make the presentation personally and individually.
The award shall be made irrespective of the mode of presentation (oral, poster, video, etc.).
The award will not be made for a second or subsequent time to a previous winner.
The primary criterion for the award shall be the scientific excellence of the work described.
The Adjudication Panel and the Evaluators shall also take into account the novelty and the
potential value and/or clinical usefulness of the work described.
The Adjudication Panel and the Evaluators shall also consider the quality of the presentation
itself but, in so doing, shall make due allowance for the mother-tongue of the presenter.
Adjudication Panel (the ISCEV Awards Committee)
The Panel shall comprise: The President (Chair); the 3 regional Vice-Presidents; the
Secretary-General (Secretary).
For each Oral Session, the Evaluators shall be the Chair of the session and a Special
Evaluator for the session, chosen for expert knowledge in the field.
For the Poster Session(s), each eligible presentation shall be considered as affiliated to an
appropriate oral session and judged by the same Special Evaluator.
Adjudication Process
The Adjudication Panel shall normally meet to make its decision at an appropriate time
during the symposium. It shall make its decision on the basis of the scores and evaluations
received from the Evaluators, judging them against the published criteria for the Award.
It shall consider those presentations recommended by the Evaluators, being those with the
highest scores, normally not more than ten in total.
The winner of the award will be announced during the ISCEV Annual Symposium.